Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

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We rescued this Black Pekinese in 1995 from a couple that was getting a divorce and could no longer keep him. We had to give him a name. We thought of ewok and several more before we settled on Pooh Bear. He was are constant companion from 1995 when we got him until Sept. 2003 when we had to put him down due to cancer.

Pooh Bear traveled back and forth across United States in three different motor homes. He didn’t like people with boots, that we figured because someone must have kicked him. He loved us, let us turn him over on his back, rub his stomach and when we would stop he would let us know he wanted more.

Both my wife and I cried are eyes out when we lost him.

This was one of his favorite places to lie. He would watch for cows or horses and bark to let us know he saw them.

Pooh Bear on Dash 001 copy

Getting a bath

Pooh Bear All Wet 001 copy

drying off

Pooh Bear getting Dryed Off 001 copy

In 1997 we were hosting a campground. There was a dog that someone just dropped off. He would come up to our motor home but would not get to close, he would sit out on the road in the rain or shine and just stare at our motor home. My wife would put food out for him, after a week or so he also was in our motor home.

Something that I observed is that when a dog has been abandoned, they won’t let you out of their site once you start showing them that you are friendly and that they have a home.

This dog came with a name , Bingo. He and our Pekinese became good friends and were inseparable. Bingo was more my wife’s dog and would cuddle up with her on the couch. Bingo lived about a year and a half longer than Pooh Bear. He too was a good dog and everyone liked him and thought he was so cute. He was pretty handsome.  Yes we cried when we lost him also.

DSC00129 copy

A little over a year later, we were visiting a friend in August,GA and a little two or three month old puppy showed up at our motor home-He was cute as could be, Oh wow I guess I fell for this little guy. He was pretty sick with parvo.  We got him over that and today he is a whopping 76 pounds. He is an English Pointer and everyone loves him and he thinks everyone is his friend that came to see him. He too had be named, it went from big foot, spot, eight ball, He has a figure 8 on his left side and couple more names. Are friend’s sister came by and said he looks like a Cooter dog to me and that was his name from then on.

DSC_0241 copy

digging for gophers.Here you can see the figure eight on his side.

These dogs have been my constant companions for years and I loved everyone of them.They’ve all been good boys and good dogs


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