Weekly Photo Challenge” The World Through My Eyes

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This young man now has his own condo and is in the tech field. He knew more about computers than I did back in 2004.  When he was 9/10 years old he was fiddling with computers and programs. He’s all grown up now!

Justin 001 copy

This shot was at a Blue Grass Festival and this young man was sitting right in front of me . This may not have been the right lighting but it was the right moment. You can never go back and duplicate this photo or any of the others that I’m posting. Some times one has to grab the picture regardless of the lighting. This is what is called a moment in time and it carries a lot of weight in the photo world.

Little Boy Eating Ice Cream Sandwich 001 copy

This young lady is all grown up now.  She went to college in Santa Barbara, CA  and decided to stay there. I’m not sure if she is teaching there or not but I think that was her major.

Corey 001 copy

This gentleman was at an apple festival and was nice of him to let me take a photo of him. His name is Smokey Joe.

Smoky Joe 001 copy

I’m posting this picture because it is about lighting and composition, placement of subject and allowing the river to lead up to the subject. I saw a similar photo like this in a gallery in Sedona, AZ.

DSC_0067 copy


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge” The World Through My Eyes

    • Thank your for kind words. It always makes me good when I have positive feed back like that. My passion was enormous in the past and it I may have continued to go to more schooling. I had a friend that taught photographic classes up in USB in Santa Barbara she had a studio in Culver City. Again Thank you!

    • I think about the subject, look it up in the on line dictionary and then see what other people are posting, then decide how I want to go. Then try and remember what photos that I have that will fit the way. Thank you for your comments always.

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