Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

PostaWeek/ PostaDay

             Red tail hawk trying to escape from a red wing black bird attack.


This weeks Photo challenge was escape and today this article came up on Yahoo. I thought to myself how great is this article is showing up today.

The series of images were captured recently by photographer Eric Dugan at Napa-Sonoma Marshes Wildlife Area in Northern California.

Article written by Pete Thomas for Yahoo

You can see more of the series of photographs here at this web site:


I could not have come up with a better choice of photos to go with this weeks challenge.

I’ve had my own experience with a red wing black bird in Tunica,MS several years ago while we were staying in the RV Park at the Hollywood Casino. A red wing black bird would see him/herself in my bedroom window and peck at the window for a half an hour. Two days of getting woke up at  6:00 AM and we probably didn’t get in until 2:AM.  I hadn’t figured out what the noise was until about the third day. I thought it was workers outside working on something. Then on the third day I went to the window and this bird was pecking at my window. I now know they are not the friendliest bird in the sky, but to attack a hawk. WOW!

Read the article it has a great series of photos with it.



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