Floral Friday Fotos: Purple & White Bearded Iris




After seeing Cee’s Iris and the ones my neighbor grows, I decided to plant some in our yard. They sure are pretty

Looking through the photos that I took yesterday I decided that this was a better picture of the purple & white bearded iris than the original one that I posted yesterday. I was so excited to post this beautiful picture of this iris that I rushed to judgment and post one that was not as good as this one.  I love the purple and white combination of this flower and delicate it appears. It almost seems fragile velvety at the same time.

I was thinking yesterday that photography, even if you know what makes a good picture you still need a great subject. It is like what they always say garbage in and garbage out. A good subject, lighting, composition and a few other factors, that is, in my estimation, is what makes a great photo.


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