Yosemite National Park: Rare and Awesome Photos

This morning I booted up and saw this on Yahoo.com  I thought to my self these photos are unbelievably great and I instantly thought of all of the people that I communicate with on this blog that are interested in Photography may want to see these.

This photographer waited along time for these photos knowing that a storm was coming.

I’ve been to this park and camped a couple of times and it is beautiful even without a storm. The mountains that surround you are breath taking and the valley is gorgeous.

Yosemite Rainbow Lightning


Rare sighting captured at Yosemite

This is the spectacular moment a photographer struck gold – by capturing a bolt of lightning cracking through a rainbow in a freak weather display. The one-of-a-kind sighting was captured by Californian photographer Nolan Nitschke, 27, while on a trip to Yosemite National Park.

After spending hours painstakingly trying for the perfect shot he finally hit the jackpot as the bright lightning crashed through the colourful rainbow lighting up the dark sky. (Nolan Nitschke/ Caters News)

This is an excerpt from yahoo that I read this morning. Go to Yahoo  to see the rest of the photographs. The url is below.



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