Spring is Here at Our House: Lucky Day and Flowers

This is my lucky clover patch. If you look to the center you will see a four leaf clover.This a cropped photo.

DSC_3225 copy

This a brand new photo, below, with another four leaf clover. I have already picked about five of them in the past few days. On the first day that I found one, a four leaf clover, we went into town to Costco and received over a $100.00 refund on a mattress set that we bought. When we got home there there was a check in the mail for a refund for over payment on our mortgage. So I felt it was a pretty lucky day..

DSC_3226 copy

Wisteria in our back yard. I went out yesterday and they were beautiful, today they almost all gone. Sometimes mother nature gives you a flash of the beauty  of is out in thee world. Being so close to the forest we get to see many things that are beautiful

DSC_3227 copy


Azalea in our front yard supporting the honey gathers and pollinators active keeping them slim and trim.

Bumble bee working the pollen out of these flowers.

DSC_3245 copy

Then there is the butterfly gorging him/her self on the pollen also.

DSC_3240 copy

I thought what if they worked to gather as a team, they could get more done. Team Work

It has been a tough job but I got them to work side by side. I have to say their doing a super job. Now if I can get my garden planted, Then I could relax and go fishing.

DSC_3244 copy

DSC_3246 copy


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