Weekly Photo Challenge: Color


When I saw this challenge for color I knew exactly  what photographsI wanted to show. Unfortunately I first had to find them, I have many containers of photographs that I have  taken over the years. It turned out they where not as hard to  find after all.

I love the carousel horses. These had recently been restored so their colors are brilliant and their faces beautiful and shiny.  They look as if each one had a story about every rider that has ever climbed on, for a ride around the carousel. I know I have had many a ride aboard these majestic colorful beasts, myself.

As an adult it is wonderful to see the smiles on the faces of the children riding the carousel at Santa Monica pier in CA. I use to go there often with friends and theirs and my kids to take them to ride the carousel.

When my wife and I would fly in from Los Angeles to Savannah,GA we would take are our grandkids to the Savannah Mall so they could ride the carousel there.They would ride it over and over and over until we finally had to tell them that was enough.

Carosel horse 1 001 copy

Carosel Horse 2 001 copy

Carosel Horse 3 001 copy

Carosel Horse 4 001 copy

This my interpretation of not only color but of life.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

  1. Ah the memories! My parents used to take us to the drive-in-movies until I was about 6 or so. We would play outside until it got dark, then come to the car and watch the first movie, then I would go to sleep during the second one. The drive-in always had a carousel that I loved. There was no limit to the number of times we could ride if there weren’t too many kids. What a fun post. I love your story, too! 🙂

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