Revolutionary Days and Kettle Creek Battleground:Washington, Georgia

Celebrating 234th Anniversary of the Battle of Kettle Creek.

In a quaint beautiful little town in Georgia called Washington,named after our first president George Washington, hold a Revolutionary Days. They were held this weekend with a parade in period uniforms with flags, fife & drums, and long rifles. There was also men dressed in buckskins also caring long rifles. Some women were dressed in long paisley and others in dark dresses that seem to make it a little difficult to march in. 

There were participants of all ages but one gentleman was tuckered out sitting on a bench resting with oxygen tank.God Bless him for the ability and desire to participate.

DSC_3137 copy 2

DSC_3097 copy

DSC_3099 copy

DSC_3103 copy

DSC_3108 copy

It’s amazing when your taking pictures of people, especially women if you compliment them on how nice they look,you usually can get a pretty smile.

DSC_3113 copy

I was excited watching and photographing this parade because it made me feel like I was right in that time warp. I read about this period of our history in school when I was a young kid. All the people where so nice..


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