Cee’s Fun Foto:Fire

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My wife and I went to an archery competition at Fort Bennings Georgia a few years ago to watch are son and grandson compete.

DSC_0056 copy

Our Son is second from the left and are grandson in the back row is second from the left. This is the whole team that was competing against other teams.

This our grandson who was competing..

I’m showing all of this because this is what brought us to this area. When leaving we had a few exciting things that we saw. The first one was this. Truck wreck





We drove on down the road an hour or two and we encountered this. Auto carrier on fire.

DSC_0126 copy

DSC_0127 copy

I didn’t think that I would ever use these photos for anything, yet here they are. This my entry for fire.


8 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto:Fire

  1. Wow! What a trip! The ordinary turned into the unusual!!! I didn’t have ANY pictures for fire. I had an experience driving over the Grapevine though when the whole side of the road for miles was on fire. I was amazed that they let people go by. It was frightening to think that the fire might just hop onto our cars. It was RiGHT there!!! No camera!!! Good lesson to learn!

  2. Love the photos. I spend many weekends watching two of my sons compete in archery tournaments. Of course, never had anything that exciting happen after one. Glad all were OK

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