Weekly Photo challenge:Love


Our granddaughter and our grandson and Three of the dogs we had over the years. The big black & white one we still have. The other two are fond memories of how much fun we had with them while they where still with us and how much we loved them. 

DSC_0131     DSC_0607   Cliffie & Bingo     The Boys 005 copy


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo challenge:Love

  1. Really nice…The pictures are brimming with love and affection.
    Your way of living in a caravan, travelling places makes me wanna come back to your blog every now and then 🙂 I think I have said it before in one of your posts and here I say it again – I would love to live like this in mobile homes, travelling places . How enriching a life that should be?!

  2. This is perfect – how much better can it get when there is love and affection with family. Thank you so much for you lovely comment on my last posting. I really appreciate your well wishes and support.

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