Disappointed Santa

What make Santa Disappointed?


Could be going down a chimney with out a house? Ending up in a field to no where. Why would anyone put a chimney in the middle of a field?    SANTA DOESN’T KNOW!!

DSC_2411 copy

I saw this chimney and satellite dish out in the middle of this field and was wondering what I was going to do with it. I was reading my friend http://tchistorygal.wordpress.com  blog when she had mentioned about Santa and chimney, I thought that’s it.

I think Santa would have been upset if he had discovered that no one lived there. What do you think?


12 thoughts on “Disappointed Santa

    • i’m sure there was but it just seemed out of place.Thank you for your comments. been sick with the flu for awhile ,hope to be back soon..

  1. We seem to have quite a few of those in Middle of Nowhere, New Mexico. Now you have me wondering…
    I’ve so enjoyed your blog this past year! Wishing you and yours a very happy and peaceful New Year! All the best, Jody

  2. Hi MHD Great pic. I need to send it to Russel Ray. He did the other wonderful post on chimneys. Hope you and your family have a great New Years! Blessings in 2013!!

      • I just said to V, “Well here’s MH Driver. Happy New Year!!! I hope you’re feeling better now! I’ve missed you. How is the new house? Do you have some pictures posted? It seems like I have a have time keeping caught up with my visits to people’s websites! Take care, and write back soon! 🙂 ML

  3. 😀
    Happy new year, Jim. I know I’m late by a good 8 days, but I guess, it’s still never too late to wish a dear friend! 🙂

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