"O" Christmas Tree

  Dec 18,2011

There have been a few years that we have been on the West Coast for the Holidays.

Nancy and I bought a Christmas tree and set it up outside our motor home at the RV Park in (Jamul,CA)  Many people would come by and tell us that they loved our tree.


We decided to have a little Christmas party with lots of food and snacks and a few of our friends and neighbors.


Everyone enjoyed themselves. We sat around the fire pit and talked and laughed. Had plenty of food and drinks and some snacks though out the party, there was probably about 20 people here.


 Our friend Jack came over and invited Nancy and I to he and Joyce’s house for Christmas dinner. It was great, everyone made us feel welcome and the food was awesome . Joyce is a very good cook. Thank You, Jack and Joyce we had good time.

    We got together again on New Years Day with several of our friends, decided to have a pot luck type of dinner to celebrate  New Year’s Day. There was probably 18 people there. Again everyone enjoyed themselves there was plenty of food and drink  for everyone.  Everyone left happy and full and probably with a little buss.

  Wow!! What a Christmas and New Year holiday !!!  

    This was probably one of the best holiday season we ever had.

   It all started with a Christmas Tree.  Thank you Christmas Tree and all our friends for making this one of our best Holiday ever.  Thank You Jesus for allowing us to celebrate your Birthday.


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