To Conner and Julia

A friend of ours lost his wife a few weeks ago. Their grandkids loved there grand parents.. Her husband wrote this to the G Kids from his wife. He sent us a copy and I found it so touching I asked him if it would be ok to share it.

Ron wrote back he would be honored.

Christmas-Tree-Nature1024-226431-300x225[1] copy 

To Connor and Julia

Merry Christmas from Heaven

I still hear the songs.

I still see the lights.

I feel your love on a cold wintery night.  

I still share your hopes and all your care.

I’ll even remind you. So please say your prayers.

I just wanted to tell you. You make me proud.

You stand head and shoulders above all the crowd.

Keep trying each moment to stay in his grace.

I came hear before you to help set a place.

You don’t have to be perfect all the time.

He forgives if you slip, if you continue the climb.

To my family and friends, Please be thankful today.

I am still close beside you in a new special way.

I love you dearly. Now don’t shed a tear cause

I’m spending my Christmas with Jesus this year


Poem from Ron Cooper


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