Last Red Maple Leaf of Autumn

Red Maple Leaf! The last red leaf of Autumn in Olmstead Park.

DSC_2962 copy


Olmstead Park Augusta,Georgia


Have no fear that everything is going to be brown or dismally drab and non colorful. Not true because Mother Nature provides a replacement for the colorful leaves on the trees. With a holly tree full of red bears.  Beautifully green leaves with all the bright red berries that sparks up the park for all to enjoy.

DSC_2939 copy

Then there is the beautiful white rose shaped tea camellias, that are growing on several trees in the park.

DSC_2938 copy

Did I mention that with all of this beauty there is a small lake, with several ducks to feed along the shoreline. My motor home is sitting across the street where we can see the park and walk our dogs.

Only 26 more days of escrow before we move in our home up on the lake. We have our own Dock where we can park a boat and go fishing everyday.


One thought on “Last Red Maple Leaf of Autumn

  1. I love the red leaf. What an amazing picture. The tea camillas are stunning too. It sure doesn’t look like winter any time soon. What a beautiful place to stay. Marsha 🙂

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