Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:Orange ll


I shot this about 30 minutes ago. I couldn’t resist following up with some more orange pictures. Since all the leaves are turning and colors are just amazing and I realized I had so many orange photos.

DSC_2960 copy

This is at the ball park of the “Augusta Green Jackets Baseball Team”. I shot it a few days ago. I’m trying not to show any duplicates of photos that I’ve posted in the past..


This is a photo that I took a month or so ago of the sunset over Lake Sinclair in Milledgeville,GA

DSC_2596 copy


7 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:Orange ll

    • I never realized I had so many Orange photos until you brought it to life. Who knows maybe the next challenge will be rainbows. I would have dig deep for those.just kidding.

    • No we never camped at Avila Beach because our motor homes were to long. Unfortunately we had restrictions because of our size.
      Another one we couldn’t get into was El Capitan.

      • Sounds like The Ocean Canyon Resort in Avila Beach, Ca. I worked for Reynolds Resorts for 7 years . They owned 9 RV resorts throughout California when I started. I am very familiar with your love for RVing.

      • I live in San Clemente, Ca .South Orange County, Ca. great places to camp with RV Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, ca, State Park, San Clemente, ca. Trails- San Clemente, ca.. I bet you been there done that?

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