Photo Challenge:M

“Happy Thanksgiving Everyone”

Today while there was very little activity on word press I decided to check my windows live writer because very often I’ll start something and come back to it later.
I found this blog that I had started that was going around awhile ago. It was the letter M. I started this post and decided to finish it today.

Diane Moran Tug Boat out of Wilmington Delaware

DSC_1061 copy

M& M Candy Store, there is only three stores in the USA. New York City, NY, Las Vegas, Nevada, And this one in Orlando,Florida

There is only one like this that I own. The manufacturer is Monaco which like alot of other businesses it is no longer. That is sad!


This is what used to be the movie theater, Imperial Theater in Augusta Georgia. It is about 80 years old and a group is trying to raise $250,000 for renovations. 

  I know this a little late but, I hope everyone enjoys it.


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