Veterans Day

Holiday honoring veterans: in the United States, a legal holiday honoring former members of the armed forces. November 11.

That is the explanation that I found in the Dictionary. Not that I  didn’t know what it was all about, being a veteran myself.

Today for lunch my wife and I went to Outback Restaurant, here in Augusta,Georgia.  They where honoring Veterans by giving them a Blooming Onion for an appetizer and a beer on the house. I felt honored. Thank You Outback! There was a lot of other restaurants here in town that were also honoring veterans, we chose Outback because we have eaten there before and all the personal are really nice.

Today is the day that we honor are Soldiers from the different  Wars 1 & 2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan that died fighting for our country.  Many a soldiers  grave will be adorned  with an American Flag to give thanks for there service to our nation.  Lots of cities and towns will hold parades. I was watching TV this morning and a Veteran group that was donating coats to people in The New york,Long Island and New Jerseyarea due to Hurricane Sandy. There are still people without electricity and have lost all their belongings and are also with out heat. I thought to myself that here we are suppose to honor are veterans and they are busy helping people that have lost everything.

A couple a days ago we, my wife & I  and the dogs, were driving to our son’s house in Guyton,Georgia and decided to stop in Scarboro,Georgia. We pulled off the highway on a side road to let the dogs out. We have to pass a little cemetery. We’ve been down this road before never paid that much attention to the cemetery  but on the way out we noticed something different about the cemetery. Several of the graves had flags on them. We stopped to check it out because the flags were Confederate  Flags. Me, not being from here I didn’t know what to make of it. My wife informed me that this is a Confederate Cemetery and their descendants or friends posted Confederate Flags to honor the  soldiers of the Civil War.


This a statue that is in down town Augusta in Honor of the Confederate Soldiers.     On the Front side: Which I couldn’t enlarge enough for y’all to be able to read it. So I copied it.

The Confederate Soldiers Won   who gave themselves in life and in death for us: for the honor of Georgia.
For the rights of the States.
For the Liberties of the People.
For the Sentiments of the South.
For the Principles of the Union.
As these where handed down to
Them by the Fathers of Our Common Country.

Having been born in in the north I never paid much attention to the Confederate States. Now I’m here in the South and having traced my roots to the South, it has been apparent to me that if, my parents hadn’t moved to the north I’d been a southerner. Most of the time I think that I must have been from the South, the way I like Grits,collards, Beans, Venison and chicken fried steak.

What I saw, I was so impressed that I tried to take some photos. This is history and I’m standing right in the middle of it. My mind was racing with thoughts of who were these people and how did the live. What was it like for them fighting there brethren of the North. A lot of the questions I was thinking, I’ve read in books or saw at the movies. Now I’m in the south and this is were the civil war happened.






Just a week ago Augusta,Georgia had a Photo Festival and one of the field trips was to  photograph a local cemetery. I opted out , I’m not a cemetery kind of guy. At least That is what I thought a week ago.

Happy Veterans Day and Thank You Veterans for your Service.


11 thoughts on “Veterans Day

  1. Thank you for your service! My husband is a veteran of the US Navy. Yesterday we attended the NM Philharmonic performance. Instead of thanking Veterans by asking them to stand for acknowledgement, they requested a 30 second moment of silence. I believe they got their days mixed up!?!

  2. Thanks Jim, for this post. My husband and his son are both veterans. Last summer I visited several Civil War sites, and museums, and bought lots of books as I tried to understand the ward better. I am a northerner as well, but we are all connected in one way or another. One book that I read that helped so much was Battle Cry of Freedom by James McPherson. Another was Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin, about Lincoln’s cabinet and their relationships. Another one that I loved so much was The Widow of the South a true story about a southern lady who ended up creating the largest private Confederate cemetery on her property. I have a post about that book. The first one I read was Don’t Know Much About the Civil War by Kenneth C. Davis. That was probably the best overview, but I loved them all. Hope you enjoyed your day. 🙂

  3. The monument in downtown Augusta to its Confederate soldiers is one of the more remarkable pieces of artwork I’ve come across. The life-sized statues of the four men – Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Thomas Cobb and William Walker (the last two were Georgia natives, I believe) – are among the most detailed I’ve ever seen. The entire city has a whole slew of history, Colonial-, Revoluntionary War-, antebellum- and Civil War-related.

    • Thank you for your comment, it has enlighten me. Now I want to – maybe if I find the time – explore Augusta a little more. The Civil War era has always intrigued
      me. Having lived most of my life in California the civil war was far away, in my head.

      • I lived a good bit of my early life in California, as well, so I really appreciate the opportunity to be able to investigate the history of the South first hand.

        I do remember while in high school in Santa Cruz coming across an older cemetery that had some Union veterans’ graves and thinking, at the time, how remote it seemed for men who fought in a conflict that took place at least 1,500 miles away to have ended their lives on the coast of central California.

  4. Very “nice” post, Jim. Thanks for honoring the veterans. You all don’t get enough credits for the service you have done for your country. I work with military personnel, and I see it everyday, the sacrifices, their hard work and the toll it takes to be in the military, the service members themselves and their families. Thank You!

    • I apologize for taking so long to respond, I’ve been busy with the house we are buying Thank You for your comment.


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