Living the Dream:”How Do You Relax”

Twenty years now I’ve been retired and living the dream, almost, it took a couple of years to learn how to slow my a— down.  I’m a type A personality, all the years I’d worked I go 90 to nothing in 2.3 seconds. I go like a bat out of hell, then I’d crash. Nothing ever came easy for  me so it seemed like I was always stressed. Then one day it hit me and I said to myself, “you need to learn how to relax.” Well when you are like me that doesn’t come easy for a type A personality. I started changing my habits,trying to learn – How to relax.

We bought our first motor home in 1994, now  we’re in our fourth. We’ve been riding around the USA in our motor homes, visiting a lot of different states, cities, towns,,rivers, lakes,national parks and stayed at parks in the mountains and on the beaches of two oceans,also a gulf.  We have made many many friends all around the country. That was our dream and we have been living it for at least 16 years of the 20 years that I’ve been retired. This is our present motor home.

163 copy

The motor home is only part of our dream, when driving down the road it is like sitting in your living room and the scenery is changing.   Those two bright spots in this picture, maybe a UFO. I don’t know?  I knew one day those Martians’ would catch up with me. Ha-ha

When we get to were we are going we kick back and relax. We sit outside in the mornings and drink our coffee around the fire pit, and take in the beauty of this gorgeous  lake.

DSC_2621 copy

DSC_2623 copy

DSC_2597 copy

Even our dog likes to travel, of course he has to check all the scents of other canines. .

DSC_2568 copy

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween.



15 thoughts on “Living the Dream:”How Do You Relax”

  1. I found your real website. Unfortunately the link that you leave when you comment on my website leads me to your other website, which now is defunct. I’m glad I found you again. Thanks for the email. I love you pictures. The lake pictures look so relaxing. Happy Halloween tomorrow. Stay away from Sandy!!!

  2. I’m a friend of “learning how to relax” he’s areal nice fella, so keep following his web-site. Happy and safe halloween to everone.

  3. It’s great you are relaxing more and living your dream! I learned how to slow down the hard way – big CRASH! Going, going, going constantly only lasts so long before your body tells you it’s had enough.

  4. I had trouble finding your site, too. Glad I did, though.
    This is what we want to do when retired. On a trip to New Zealand a few years ago, we rented a campervan and toured North Island. Having our home with us was wonderful, and NZ has tons of fabulous camper parks everywhere. So my question is, where do you park your motorhome in the U.S. while traveling? Others have told us they settle in for the night at a Wal-Mart parking lot. Really?

    • They are absolutely correct. We’ve stayed overnight at Wal Marts, rest areas, truck stops when we are on the road. One time we came into town, close to our son’s but it was late and it is a little hard to get into his yard,so we stayed at wal mart near his house. Our granddaughter wanted to come stay overnight so that she could say that she went to the bathroom in walmart parking lot. A lot of rv’er feel that the price of a campground for just to get off the road is way to expensive.
      Most of the motor homes are self contained and don’t need even electric. Blah blah blah! Thank you for your question and the likes. Jim

  5. How wonderful! We’ve been talking about maybe doing this on a much smaller scale. You make it look like quite a grand lifestyle. I particularly like your shot of the wind farm (got a thing for those).

  6. This sounds so exciting! looks like owning a caravan and living this kind of exciting life is pretty common in the US. I know this other family friends of our who also owns a motor home. I wish to do this some day!!

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