Weekly Photo Challenge:Foreign


February 19,2009 my wife and I went to Los Algodones,MX  So I could have some dental work done. It was the last year that you could get across the border without a passport, all you needed was a drivers license from the United States.

The lines were horrendous. Up the street around the corner then up another city block. It would take hours to get back across the border. We knew this so went and checked out the line to make sure and sure as heck it was way long.



We decided to go over to the out door canteen and have a margarita while the line went down. When we ordered the drinks they came in these margarita glasses that looked as big as fish bowls. But Dam they where good!  Finishing the drinks I went back to check out the line, it still was long. Came back to canteen and ordered a couple more drinks,that’s one each.


We did not feel any after effects from the drinks until long after we were home. Are motor home was parked about mile or so down the road. I’m not condoning drinking and driving.



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