Weekly Photo Challenge:Big


My first thought this was a no brainer, I’ll just post another picture of a large pumpkin. I said to myself, “No I really need to post something different”.

I searched my photo library for something that was huge and over the top. “Maybe photos of the Grand Canyon, That’s huge!  Well maybe not that’s because I’ve already posted pictures of the Grand Canyon”, which I dearly love and think it’s breath taking.

Then I came up with something that probably weighs over two tons. Now that’s pretty darn big. These weigh over two tons.DSC_1169 copy

DSC_1176 copy   You can get sense of how large these mammals are. The trainers look small compared to the whales.

DSC_1185 copy Shortly after I took these pictures, sometime later there was some controversy about the trainers being in the water with the whales. I don’t know if that has been settled.

There has been a couple of serious incidents to the trainers over the years directly related with the whales.

Ken Peters 39 sustained a broken foot was dragged under water by, not Shamu but a stand in, named Kasatka. She is 17 foot and weighs over 5000 pounds.  11/30/2006 San Diego,CA

Dawn Brancheau 40 was not so lucky. “The wale grabbed her by the waist drug her and shook her and held her under water,” one of the trainers said.  That was in February 25,2010 in Orlando,FL. The wale, not Shamu, but the wale’s name was Tillikum a male whale who has sired 13 off springs.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge:Big

  1. I had your exact thoughts when I thought about big at first – pumpkin! Must have something to do with the season. Great post. By the way, I have to do this – and this one is easy – invite you into the Ligo Circle of Appreciation. You’ll know why when you read my definition of a great blog http://wp.me/p2jC53-IB. 🙂

  2. I was all about the big pumpkin pic as well!! It’s that time of year, huh? I actually saw Dawn Brancheau perform a show with the killer whale before the accident. It was a fabulous show and I was so sad to hear that story on the news.

    • Thank you fo your fine comment. I’ve seen the whale show “Shamu show” on both the East Coasyt,Orlando, and the West Coast. I loved the show then and I loved it still. I’m sad that these huge mammals have injured and killed a couple of the trainers.

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