Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy


The night before an archery shoot some of the guys came by our motor home. We sat around and had a couple of beers and talked. Everyone participated except Craig, he was dreaming happy thoughts of BULLS EYES for tomorrows’ shoot. We could tell that,
by the twang in his snoring, as if the string on the bow was being released.

                                                                          DSC_0055 copy

DSC00406 copy  Keeping with the October season here is a grandpa and his granddaughters weighing their hard work and happy to just to be in the competition.

Just having fun with my granddaughter at the lake.DSC_0224 copy

DSC_0217 copy Having fun and clowning around with what ever is lying around.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

    • It’s different now that they are older and are busy with cheer,friends and church, what ever twelve year olds are in to. She use to spend almost all her time with us. That’s ok we had her alot and we got very close. Your right we love her. Thank you for your nice comments. Jim

      • I don’t have kids, lots of friends with kids, though. But my happiest childhood memories were times I spent with my grandparents. I don’t think I even knew my parents until I started school.

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