Weekly Photo Challenge: Mhdriver Style


I don’t know what happened to the Photo of the week challenge, I miss it.  I can’t let something stop me from blogging. So I’ll have to Press On. Put photos that I think other bloggers may like.  Hopefully over the top – may be or may be not.

My wife and I will be coming off the road. We have been looking for a place for quite awhile now. I want a place to set up my scanner. I have many many photos I’d like to scan and put  on my computer.

After several weeks /months of looking I think we found a place. We have just put a house in escrow this week. We have been burning up the roads ,wear out the tires and making the gas companies richer,we finally found what were looking for. My wife and I have seen many places, some where not  acceptable at all, a waste of time to even see. We have been looking for certain amenities, like a lot big enough to put our motorhome on and if we are coming off the road something to replace a Doing life style. We wanted a place that we could have a boat to go fishing or just take a ride..

This mountain lion looks like it is about to spring. I assure you he won’t

DSC_0316 copy 1

This little boy smiles so hard it makes his eyes close.

DSC_1947 copy

If you don’t already have fish breath, you will sucking face with this dolphin


These are a few photos that I appreciate.

Oops! I accidently clicked on the like button while I was checking for comments. That is why you may see my picture in the like area. I’m really not that vain?




One thought on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mhdriver Style

  1. Hi, James. I just wanted to hop over and get to know you better after you asked about the “Thursday’s Windows” challenge. You have a lot of interesting things going on here, and your photos are great. Your header photo especially is fantastic. Did you take that one too?

    I chose this post to comment on because I saw that you said you had hit the “like” button. I wanted to tell you not to feel bad. I once did worse than that. I “Followed” my own blog. When I was just getting used to the way the various buttons worked on here, I clicked on the “Follow” button for one of my sites. I thought it would tell me who was following my site. Another good writing friend got the biggest kick out of that and made sure to comment on what it meant about my ego.

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