OCTOBER: Photo Challenge

October is the time of the year that the fall season begins.

Hallelujah the end to scorching heat,bugs and constant rain. Trees will start turning beautiful colors, at least in higher elevations, the temperatures start coming down and cooler days are on the horizon. October Fest time, sorry I don’t have any photos of that. Then of course Halloween, costume parties, kids in costumes knocking on your door  “Yelling Trick Or Treat”  How can I forget Pumpkin carving,Jack –O –Lanterns, Ghosts goblins and wicked old Witches.    

These are a few photos that I think represent this time of the year.

DSC00002 copy

DSC00308 Fall Colors Rocky MT NP copy

DSC00309 copy 2

DSC00374 copy

DSC00010 copy

DSC00006 copy

I may have missed it this week but I didn’t see a photo challenge. This is my self -imposed photo challenge. I have tried to at least do a post a week, this is my post a week, hope everyone enjoys it and put y’all in a festive mood.


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