Captain: a German Shepard

Captain, adopted by Miguel Guzman in 2005 as a gift for his son. A year or so later MR. Guzman past away.

I’m going to tell you this story because of how much I care for the dogs. That should be apparent from my dog stories that I’ve posted on my blog. My wife has been rescuing dogs since she was a young adult. This story had really pulled the strings of my heart.

The day Mr.Guzman was buried, Captain disappeared. The family looked all over for him but couldn’t find him.

A week later, on Sunday the family visited Mr.Guzman’s grave. When they got to the cemetery their son Damian, who the gift of the dog was for, saw Captain at his dad’s grave site. Captain was so glad to see them, he kept barking and barking as to tell them how much he missed them.

They took Captain home but he would disappear again. Again they would find him sitting on Mr. Guzman grave again they took him home again he disappeared. They would always find him in the cemetery on Mr.Guzman grave..

Captain has been sitting on the grave of Mr.Guzman for six years now.  The cemetery personnel  have been taking care of Captain all of these years. The care takers say that Captain wanders around the cemetery during the day but at 6:00 PM he would come back to Mr.Guzman and curl up and lay down on the grave every night.

The odd part of this story is that the family never took the dog to the cemetery and every time, they brought him home he would always return to Mr.Guzman. Everyone believes that Captain will stay there until he dies.

Isn’t he beautiful !

I read this story on Yahoo and it was written by Eric Pfeiffer,reporter for Yahoo News


5 thoughts on “Captain: a German Shepard

  1. Great story. I saw a movie like that once, where the dog was waiting for his owner at the train station, only the owner had died. Dogs are pretty amazing. My brother and sister-in-law also rescue dogs.

    • Thanks for the comment they are really appreciated. I’m glad you liked the story. It almost tore my heart out because – I don’t know if it was because the guy died or because the dog was loyal “foever”

      • Who knows? Dogs are like that. I have a feeling our dog would be like that. When my first husband died, his doggie didn’t visit the grave, but 7 years later when we drove by his old office, the dog sniffed, and tried to get up on the dashboard, and watched until the building was out of sight. He knew!

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