Rare Violent Electrical Storm

Thursday, September 6, 2012 7:26pm PDT

Photographer captures stunning images of rare, violent electrical storm

By: Pete Thomas, GrindTV.com


I was catching up to date on the news and I ran across this  article that blew me away .

It was on Yahoo,the photos are stunning, I only wish that I was the one to have taken the these but I wasn’t.  Aaron Campbell and some weather photographers took these photos.

Folks in Christchurch, New Zealand, must still be talking about this week’s spectacular electrical storm, described by one meteorologist as a once-in-10-years event, producing severe hailstorms and hundreds of lightning strikes that set the twilight aglow. It was a dream night for weather photographers and Aaron Campbell made the most of the event, capturing a series of stunning images that look almost unreal.

Campbell used a Nikon D800 with the 14-24mm Nikkor lens. The two top images were run through a High Dynamic Range (HDR) program that brings out more vivid and dynamic colors. Campbell achieved the star-like effect with the street lights because of multiple blades on the internal aperture ring.

With photos like this it would be a shame if everyone that is in to photography and many people that is not into photography as much as others.

If you want to see the entire article, you can see it on Yahoo.com or:



5 thoughts on “Rare Violent Electrical Storm

  1. I can’t believe these photos! They look like graphics, but not – cartoons, but not – stylised photos, but not – they are AWESOME. Surely she could sell them somewhere. They are NOT your usual. They’re brilliant (I LOVE wild nature moments, really love!). Like x 1000!

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