Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit


I love photographing these little creatures. They just amazes me how they can stop in mid air and just stay in a holding pattern. Sometimes they wait there for their turn, other times they attack and chase the other humming birds away.

When I was trying to photograph the humming birds, this day, there were some large birds that kept feeding at the humming bird feeder. I tried to get a picture of those birds but they were just to quick for me. Never did get a picture. It was strange to me because I’ve  never seen anything like that before.

Humming Bird in Flight

Humming Bird in Flight

This little guy was cute as heck and the guy was either brave or stupid. The chipmunk was a wild creature and it could have bitten him. It was a photo moment and I couldn’t resist taken their picture.

Chipmunk 2

Wild hungry chipmunk

I was traveling along the ridge of the Grand Canyon taking pictures,I’ve been here before, this time I wanted to improve on what I did last time. What a breath taking experience and views. This time I was looking for some shots that popped and would have been worth the trip, was grateful that I accomplished  what I came for. I felt if I came away with a couple of really good photos, I’d be happy.  This photo below is one of those shots.

Years ago went to Hawaii on a photo travel trip with my class. I took a picture of a water falls that was  really good. I entered it in the Los Angeles County Fair and won an Honorable Mention. I was  told that if I had a person at the top or bottom of the falls it would have taken a gold medal. So when I saw these two people on that rock, over looking the canyon, Click. Click.

IsTwo Brave Souls 2

Two free brave souls

Sometimes you just have to let the kid out.


One free dude or his he just a little nuts.


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