Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge


I rummaged through my photos, past and present.   I came up with several that I thought would work.

I would like to post something that stays with the theme of, MERGE.

I have one photo that I thought would qualify but after checking it out it didn’t quite make the grade. If I had shot a little to the left it would have been perfect. As you can see I needed to get the water in the picture. Then it would fit the theme. When I get back in that area I’ll see if I can redo this photo.

DSC_2296 copyThis is what I am going to post for MERGE.

Old rock with a natural hole meets modern day man.

DSC_0967 copy Architectural designs with street.scene.

I hope y’all like it.


13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

    • I felt that the lines of the old rock, really don’t know how old the rock is, with the people through the hole captured the moment in time. Thanks for visiting my post

    • The martini glass is what caught my eye when I took the picture. The time of the evening worked out just right. Of course years of practicing helps Than You.

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