Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong


This weeks challenge has thrown me and probably most of us a curve. We don’t knowingly photograph something that is wrong. If we did it’s trash! Out of focus,under exposed, over exposed, subject moved or what ever else ends, up in the trash.

We don’t want anyone to know we goofed or had pictures that didn’t turn out right. Those are the ones we don’t show anyone. After all we’re photographers, we want our work to shine, the best we can do.

I’ve been poring through my photos to find pictures that speak for themselves. Of course there is some explanation necessary, but I wanted it keep it to a minimum.

This is what I came up with for this weeks challenge.

Cars parked on the wrong side of the road facing the wrong direction.

Parked Going Wrong Way and Wrong Side of the Street

We have looking for a house on Strom Thurmond Lake in Georgia.

We have been running all over the place checking out listings.  The problem is most of the listings are miss leading.They’ll say lake front or private dock.or both. This is a photo of a lake front and a private dock.

Lake Front Property with private dock

I’m afraid that this dock hasn’t seen water in a long long time, by the size of the trees.


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