Health Care Decision

I wrote this awhile ago  but decided not to publish it.  I wrote it when I was angry at the supreme court decision. It has been siting here on my computer all this time. When I just read it again today, I still feel the same way.

I don’t like the way are country is going under Obama’s Presidency. Today I decided to post it any way.

I  have lived quite a few years in this country (all my life)  and I have seen many many changes over all those years.

I can remember when a cup of coffee was a nickel. You can get into the movies for little to nothing. Gasoline was less than a dollar and I would drive around town to find a cheaper price because I felt a dollar was to dam high. Now I drive around the country in a forty foot diesel pushing motor home and have paid as much as $ 5,00 a gallon. I’m feeling darn lucky when I can find it for less than $ 4.00 a gal. That was then and this is now Obama Care is already costing me money on medical premiums.

So you can see that I was pretty upset with the supreme court when the decision came down. — I’m not sure when I wrote the next part but I bet you can figure it out.

I can’t believe that the supreme court upheld obama care.  This is the biggest piece of junk on the American people there ever was. The obama group changed the mandate to read taxes. So now people are not only going to pay higher medical costs plus  they are also going to pay more taxes on top of that.  This is  socialized medicine in it’s grandeur.

There was an article in the Augusta Chronicle News paper this morning talking about England’s  socialized medicine, NHS, as quoted from the “The London Daily Telegraph”.  The article said that a 71 year old that had pneumonia and epilepsy had been removed from treatment because he was deemed to old and to sick too to receive treatment. [article by Cal Thomas of the Augusta Paper] 6/27/2012

Professor Patrick Pullicino  a consultant  to East Kent Hospital in England persuaded the hospital to resume treatment on that man.

England as the article went on to say, that they are going to stop doing non-urgent surgeries which include hip and knee and cataract surgeries normally these are mostly affecting older people. Like the 71 year old above.

Under Obama Care there was suppose to be a board to deem who would be aloud to get what surgery. This is what Obama care is going to be, socialized medicine.

I’m retired and pay quite a bit for our medical insurance each month so I can move around the country without restrictions. No HMO.

Who knows are we someday going to have  to have a passport to go from state to state.


One thought on “Health Care Decision

  1. maybe the supreme court took nancy Peloski’s advise,
    “we need to pass this so we can have time to sit down and read and see whats in it”
    sorry….I am amazed they upheld it….
    ( I remember going to the movies with a dollar…paying to get in, popcorn, goobers, and a D.P and I got change back….and I paid 19 cents a gallon for my VW…(Texas, we always used to have gas wars) …*sigh*
    good post
    Take Care…

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