Weekly Photo Challenge:Room



My room today is a one room do it all because it is in our motor home. Are room acts as a gathering place to socialize – watch TV-and relax.

DSC_0002 copy

To sleep and to eat, which most of the cooking and eating was outside.

DSC_0003 copy

DSC_0004 copy

With so many guys in the room , it got kind of cluttered

These pictures were taken during an archery competition which my wife and I went on several shoots. Our gift to the boys was to give them a dry place to sleep and not have to eat all there meals at a diner. We cooked and cooked , fed them bacon, eggs, biscuits for breakfast and for lunch it was usually a couple of Boston butts That would be around four o’clock. The guys normally did not have anything to eat from breakfast until 4:00PM.  The boys paid for food all fees we just paid for fuel, I think they even gave us money for that.

The guy in red is my wife’s son, also are grandson is among them.

DSC_0144 copy

It also subs as a dog house and their toys.

The Boys 005 copy

DSC00129 copy

DSC_0365 copy

You can see that my wife and I have had a few dogs over the years,all of them rescued. It wasn’t until after we had them several years that they had health problems. We loved them and they loved us, we gave them probably the best years of their lives. They shared our house and the room that I show in the above pictures.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story


Wild animals in out lives

Welcome and uninvited guests. Welcome because we have never had deer  come in our yard before. We lived most of our lives in a metropolitan areas. They are so spooky that the slightest move or noise they are gone. I took this shot through are glass screen door, I think some people call it a storm door.

The uninvited part of this picture is that if they got in our garden, they would have it demolished I a few in a few minutes. which reminds me I better go out and check if I closed the gate. We put in many hours planting.

DSC_3786 - Copy copy

We were on our way to a RV park south of San Antonia,TX when I spotted this critter along side of the road. Being that we were in our motor home and towing a SUV there was no room to pull off the road. We checked into the park and I drove our car back to take this picture.

I thought many times about posting this picture and felt that not everyone would think the same as the person that put the beer bottle on the armadillo.

Made me wonder as I was passing it by with the motor home is he dead or just drunk.

DSC_1700 copy 02


DSC_0023 copy

When  I took this picture above, I remembered a story a camper in Jasper, Canada told me. It was about a a highway south of the Canadian border – there were bears coming right up to the side of the road and people were feeding them. A woman wanted a picture of a bear eating out of her son’s hand. She poured some honey on the kids hand — . I don’t need to tell you the rest of the story.

This bird up above is a wild bird  – so I’m asking , what is keeping that bird from punching that beak straight into the boy’s hand.

Weekly Photo Challenge:Work of Art

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THE William Carson Mansion

Eureka House 001 copy 3

One of the most photographed Victorian houses in California, and perhaps in the United States  The mansion is in the same condition as when first constructed in the 1880’s.  The designers, Samuel and Joseph Newsom, were well respected San Francisco architects who heartily embraced the concept of the “picturesque”, a quality that continues to fascinate all who see the Carson Mansion .

The Carson Mansion was owned by the descendants of William Carson until 1950, when it was sold to the Ingomar Club.

William Carson came to California about 1849 for the Gold rush. Over a few years of felling and hauling lumber, he got out of  gold mining, and spent full time in the lumber  business. William Carson bought the mill with a partner and went on the start a railroad again with a partner.  You can read more at  Wikipedia.

The Carson Mansion is on the redwood coast of Humboldt Bay in the city of Eureka California. I have been by the mansion many – many times and have photographed it just about every time. This is a piece of art – the workmanship is superb and flawless.

Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

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Doing this post gave me an insight of how blessed I  have been the past many years. All of these photos I have done, maybe not in the exact – plane ,hot air balloon, train, river paddle boat, bike race, but it sure was the same motor coach.

Yes I had many occasion to fly in air planes In the Navy and from Los angles to Savannah  two or three times a year.

DSC_2767 copy

I got to fly in a hot air balloon in a festival in Albuquerque, NM

DSC_1770 copy

I rode this train in Bush Gardens in Tampa,FL

DSC_1823 copy

I didn’t ride this paddle boat but I rode the one in Disney Land in Anaheim, California and the paddle boat in Disney World in Orlando,Florida.


DSC_2205 copy

I did ride in a couple of bike races in California.

DSC_2319 copy

If you have been following my blog then you probably know that this is our motor coach that we have been traveling around the United States with.

Yes we have pretty blessed to have done a lot of things and been to a lot of places,met a lot of nice people and made many friends.

One time we spent a week or two in a forestry camp ground on the North side of Mt Lassen National Park. There is a little stream there and I went fishing and met fellow fisherman, struck up a conversation seemed to hit it off. Every day that we were in the park we would meet up and swap fish stories.. One day a fish that I caught I had asked him if he wanted it, He said no, he was saving room in his freezer for the big one that he was going to catch. I replied that I had plenty of room in my freezer when I eat it I’ll tell everyone you caught it.  LOL

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

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I could tell you about the Floyd Mayweather  boxing match over this past week-end. He is pretty close to the Great Rocky Marciano’s record of 49 fights unbeaten. Floyd has 46 wins no loses. This is not about Spring because this could have been scheduled anytime, never the less it happened this week end.

How about Sprit Cup – NASCAR Race  – Sunday May 4,2014. The Aaron’s 499 miles won by Deny Hamlin.  They race most ever week end in there schedule. Again this could happen anytime of the season.

Now let me tell you about something that happens every year first part on May for the past 140 years. The Kentucky Derby was this past week end, it only happens in the spring. I copied a Photo and part of the article by Reuters that was on yahoo. I wasn’t there in person but I watched it with my wife on TV. I would like to have been there.

Derby winner  California Chrome eyes Triple Crown


May 4, 2014 2:53 PM

Horse Racing: 140th Kentucky Derby


View photo

Victor Espinoza aboard California Chrome (5) celebrates after winning the 2014 Kentucky Derby at Churchill …

(Reuters) – The connections of Kentucky Derby winner California Chrome have already turned their attention to the Preakness Stakes after their star colt showed no ill effects from his brilliant victory in the opening leg of the Triple Crown.

Art Sherman, the horse’s 77-year-old trainer, said California Chrome had pulled up well and would remain in Louisville before heading to Maryland for the Preakness on May 17.

“He’s fine,” Sherman told reporters outside the winner’s barn on Sunday morning. “He left just a handful of grain in his tub last night, but that’s all. His appetite was good.”

Sherman said he wanted to keep California Chrome in work at Churchill Downs and was still undecided about when to move him east as he contemplates the formidable task of trying to win three races in five weeks.


Last year I showed you photos of all the beautiful flowers that are blooming around me but this year I want to show you a picture that really represents spring.  Our Garden!

DSC_3773 copy

You know that it is spring when you see gardens start popping up. I wish I could say that this was an easy job and it was at least most of it. Happy Spring.

Lucky Leaf Clover: Four and A Six Leaf

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Almost a year ago to the day my post was about spring flowers and a lucky four leaf clover. Today I had just picked a six leaf in our back yard. Even as a child I was always lucky to find four leaf clovers.  When most people spend a lot of time looking but come up empty .

Many years ago I lived on a farm and we had some rabbits. My brother and I took them out of their cage and put them in a large clover patch. That was the first year I remember finding my first four leaf clover. I found 32 of them that year. Over time I have found a several  of those lucky gems without really looking for them. I would be walking through  a clover patch – bend over a pick a four leaf clover. I don’t know how many books there are floating around that have one of my four leaf clovers in it that I picked and pressed.

Yesterday I picked another 4 leafier and a SIX  Leaf Clover.  Yes, I said 6 leaf clover.

These are the photos I took of them:

I wanted to try and keep them in good condition for a couple of days, I put them in a coffee cup with some really good water.  I know it’s good water because I also drink it.

DSC_3740 copy

I blew the photo up to show the 6 leaves.

DSC_3741 copy

This photo below I am trying to show the separation of the lower left leaves.

DSC_3742 copy

This may not be a big deal to most people but to someone that has gathered many four leaf clovers over a life span, this one is.This is the only SIX leaf clover I have ever seen. I’ll have to press this so that it will keep; for many years.